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  • Archangelology, Archangel, Breath-Tap: If You Call Them They Will Come by Kim Caldwell - Paperback

    Archangelology, Archangel, Breath-Tap: If You Call Them They Will Come by Kim Caldwell - Paperback

    Why would you experience Archangel Breath-Tap?

    1. You want to explore the energetic body for positive shifts.

    2. You want to explore the power of Breath-Work and Tapping combined with the Archangels.

    3. You want more Well-Being.

    If you are here experiencing this time-space reality as well as reading this book, you are a pioneer. I often think that we are in the “Wild West" of energy. It is all new. Humans are becoming aware that just because we can not see a "thing" does not mean it is not real or does not exist. It also creates a challenge because we are in a time where our energy alignment is becoming more important than ever, yet there does not appear to be a "user guide" for maintaining a healthy energy body.

    There are emerging teachings, and like anything else, we must be discerning. So I present this book to you with this request, "take the best and leave the rest." Everyone is unique and an individual. What works for you may not work for another and vice versa — this book is just a beginning to your energy studies. One thing is for sure, the more we focus and practice having a healthy energy body, the more we will learn and benefit.

    The Archangels are here at this time to help us tune-up and work with our energetic bodies. The human has fluent multi-dimensional energy bodies and intuitive magical fingers; the two go hand in hand. This energy field invisibly surrounds our physical body, with capabilities we are only beginning to understand. One thing is clear if we ask questions more answers will come. In this book, we set intentions to invigorate and heal our light bodies, also known as our energetic body with the help of the Archangels. As we set intentions, unseen beneficial forces move for us. I want to remind you that you are already working with your energetic light-body, many times unknowingly. We get more focused with more intention here. You are a Master, and the Archangels are here to assist you. You are a pioneer in this Energetic Universe and will explore many dimensions and worlds Together with your Archangels. May this book bring you Peace and Blessings.

    I have worked with Energy, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Archangels, and Breath-Work for years; they have naturally become an Alchemy of sorts. Each powerful process stands on its own, so imagine the life enhancements when combined. The results must be experienced to understand how transformative they can be.

    I want to add that in life, people will always have challenges. This is simply another tool to help us "surf the waves" as I like to envision it. May this help you in marvelous ways.

    If you dedicate a daily practice of deep breathing with your Archangels and tapping, you can expect to create more well-being. These practices are also a great help during any challenges, so knowing them is to your advantage. As they say, "practice makes perfect." I also feel that these magical practices are aligned with feeling better. Gently tap your thymus (the middle of your chest) as you say to yourself or aloud, "I am attracting things to make me happy, vibrant, and healthy while taking deep, slow breaths. As rich, clean oxygen feeds your mind, body, and spirit.

    The Archangels are calling for a more interactive experience. As we get conscious of our thoughts, take deep healing breaths, and tap with intention; things will begin to shift for the better. Know in your heart that you have found a gift that works. Have faith and play with this process.

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  • Metatron : Invoking the Angel of God's Presence by Rose Vanden Eynden - Paperback
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    Metatron : Invoking the Angel of God's Presence by Rose Vanden Eynden - Paperback

    With Metatron in your corner, you're only a petition away from a better life. Rose Vanden Eynden may be the first to devote an entire book to this powerful celestial being—revealing his unique place in the angelic realm and demonstrating how to connect with this wise and compassionate archangel.

    Metatron's close proximity to the Creator and connection to humanity make him the ideal angelic ally. Representing balance and unity, this angelic force can help in all areas of personal development. You'll also discover how to contact the "Angel of the Presence" through meditation, dreamwork, ritual, and inspirational writing. There are specific ceremonies for building a closer relationship with the Creator, healing on a global scale, balancing masculine and feminine energies, material/spiritual pursuits, and karmic issues.

    Also featured is an insightful "Q and A" with Metatron, channeled by the author to answer compelling questions on life, death, faith, and spirit.

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  • Secrets of Heaven : Mystery Teachings of the Angels by Marshall Vian Summers - Paperback Nonfiction

    Secrets of Heaven : Mystery Teachings of the Angels by Marshall Vian Summers - Paperback Nonfiction

    ENTER THE MYSTERY OF YOUR LIFE From the depths of Mystery come the Secrets of Heaven. They have come to take you deeper into the experience of Mystery and purpose that surrounds your presence in the world. The Angels of Heaven seek to share with you what has long been forgotten in the world. Miraculously, as if whispered across time and space, these secrets have now come to you. You have found them. At a time of great change in the world, Heaven seeks to reveal to you the long-forgotten truths that once guided the prophets, poets, messengers and mystics throughout the ages. Here the ancient memory and awareness that dwells within you can be rekindled, revealing your greater gifts and purpose in the world. The Secrets of Heaven hold the power to unlock these gifts, deep at the heart of humanity. With these gifts, there is new hope for the world. Heaven asks you to receive its secrets. Each secret is a window into a greater reality. Each secret is an opportunity to peer through the looking glass, and see ourselves as we are seen from above. Now we are looking through the eyes of Heaven to see ourselves, others and the world as never before. The newest book of revelation from The New Message from God, Secrets of Heaven contains the first and earliest utterances of the New Message from God. These secrets were revealed starting in 1983 in the deserts of the American Southwest, upon the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers' initiation by the Angelic Assembly and their mysterious mandate that he open himself to their presence and begin to "record." What you will find in these pages are those first words, recorded, preserved through time and now made available to the world.

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