Arcadia Quest Core Game Board Game

        Arcadia has been plunged into darkness by the vile Lord Fang! 

        Gather your friends, form your Guilds, and collect loot!   

            Arcadia Quest is an adventure board game that combines PvE and PvP gameplay, pitting players against not only monsters populating the board, but also the Heroes controlled by other players. Monsters react to the players’ actions, so no one player is stuck with the role of 'game master' because everybody gets to play as Heroes!    

            Players will form their Guilds from the different Heroes on offer and guide them through an Arcadia Quest campaign made up of multiple, different scenarios. Players can choose the path their campaign takes, ensuring no two campaigns are ever the same. As players’ Heroes defeat enemies and complete quests, they get new weapons, loot and abilities that gradually make them more powerful! Fight alongside your friends to defeat monsters, turn the sword on your friends to get the loot, and become the Guild to take down Lord Fang, saving Arcadia City!        

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About this item

  • Awesome Figures : With twelve highly detailed Hero figures and tons of monsters, like Orcs, Beast men, and Trolls, the adventures will be larger than life
  • Simple Battles : Confrontations are quickly and easily resolved with intuitive dice combat; Attackers attempt to score hits with their rolls and defenders get a chance to roll for blocks
  • Incredible Upgrades : Players can gain items and equipment upgrades that will customize their Guild Heroes, making them even more formidable opponents throughout the course of a campaign
  • This is a brand new product in the manufacturer's original packaging.
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