Dude, Where's My Jesus Fish? by Mike Lemieux - Paperback

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A Compilation Highlighting the Blunt and Uncompromising Teachings of Arten and Pursah on a Course in Miracles


  "What Mikey's done with this book is create avaluable tool for directly accessing Courseconcepts (as taught by Arten and Pursah) in a topic-based fashion.  Additionally, he's added his rathercolloquial insights which make this book a light, humorous read, a refreshingchange from most Course-relatedmaterials.  My first book, The Disappearance of the Universe, isfrequently referred to as the 'can opener' that helps students open the ratherheady A Course in Miracles book.  Dude,Where's My Jesus Fish? is like a cheat sheet that helps you make thegrade.  If this book turns more folksonto A Course in Miracles - and Iexpect it will - then we have Mikey to thank for growing our beloved Course community and helping us all toget Home."      
 ~ Gary Renard, the best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe of theUniverse and Your Immortal Reality

"Mikey's straight talk and irreverent, humorous style, in addition to his obvious understanding of A Course in Miracles, make this book a perfect companion to The Disappearance of the Universe.  Well done, and giddy-up brother Mikey!"  
~ Gene Bogart, Producer and Co-host of the The Gary Renard Podcast

About the Author

Mike posts daily quotes from Gary Renard's The Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality, and Love Has Forgotten No One (along with scenic pictures) on his Dude, Where's My Jesus Fish? fan page on Facebook: facebook.com/DWMJF

Mike also posts daily quotes from A Course in Miracles on his J-Dog: The Voice of A Course in Miracles page on Facebook: facebook.com/JDogACIM

For more about Mike, visit his website: giddyupmikey.com/About_Mike.html

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This is a brand new, trade size paperback book.  Softcover, 222 pages.

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