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Gary Inrig brings wonderful breadth, depth, and balance to a very difficult subject: forgiveness. As one 83-year-old theologian, Rev. Herb VanderLugt, says, "This is the best book on the subject I have ever read." Whether it's living forgiven, learning to forgive, what to do when an offender refuses to request forgiveness, whether we're asking, giving, or waiting for forgiveness, this book covers the subject with Inrig's on-the-mark illustrations and solid biblical teaching. It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of the subject of forgiveness to the Christian faith. If the Bible makes it clear that Christians are forgiven people, it also makes it clear that we are to be forgiving people. How and when do we do that? What does it look like?

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"The best reason for forgiving is not that we will live longer or feel better....The best reason for forgiving or for seeking forgiveness is that, in this way, we will glorify God and reveal His character to those around us."

Great evils plague our world. Terrorists fly planes filled with innocent travelers into occupied building and carry out suicide attacks in crowded public places. Political leaders mastermind vicious acts of genocide. Executives mismanage money, destroying the life saving  of hard-working employees and stockholders. Religious leaders use their position to exploit vulnerable children and adults. Parents abuse children, and spouses abuse each other.

We all have been sinned against, sometimes in terrible ways, sometimes in smaller, but still hurtful ways. Can we forgive, and even pray for those who hurt us? What if the offender does not or will not repent? Do we forgive anyway?

Honesty also requires us to admit that we sometimes are the ones who inflict the pain. We all sin: against God, and against other people. We may try to deny, repress, or rationalize our actions, but our hearts know that we have wronged others; usually, it's those we love most.

Gary Inrig says that forgiving cannot be a mere intellectual exercise; it requires you to face people and situations you'd rather ignore. And he offers no simple formulas. His insights and wisdom will stretch your understanding of what forgiveness really is, and will open your hear to the cleansing, liberation, and transformation that true and appropriate forgiveness brings.

About the Author

Gary Inrig is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Inrig is pastor of Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Redlands, California, and has written several books, including True North, Whole Marriages in a Broken World, Forgiveness, and Pure Desire.

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