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Who Is QAnon?

There's a revolution going on in America, and up until this point, most had no idea anything was happening at all. Unbeknownst to the general public, an insider embedded deep within the Trump administration was given a nearly impossible task:

• Assemble a team of patriots; Military Intelligence types, who knew the real score.

• Bypass the media and create a parallel construction.

• Engage with a select group of superlative civilians, so that they can spread the word.

• Systematically expose a world-wide death-cult that has seeped in to all levels of power, in all countries, and which has ruled for generations.

And finally...

• Dismantle this Hellish Cabal, before dragging them in to face finally justice for their countless crimes against humanity.

Along the way, thousands of "digital soldiers" volunteered their time, their energy, and their resources to advancing this cause. And as the word of QAnon spread, their ranks and exploits grew.

I, Neon Revolt, feel privileged to count myself among their ranks.

This is my story.

This is the story of Anons and the Great Awakening.

This is the story of QAnon.

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Neon Revolt, author of the popular website and over five hundred articles discussing Q, delivers the most definitive book on QAnon in the world. Revolution Q is a mind-bending survey of the Q movement written by one of the most qualified voices in the Q space to date. Drawing on his skills as a master storyteller, Neon brings the reader straight into the front lines of the information war that is currently raging on all around. This is a war between two factions: Patriots, whose only allegiance is to Life and Truth, and the Cabal, an ad hoc network of sinister fiends desperate to maintain control over the masses, and who will do whatever it takes to stay in power. What emerges from all this all is a portrait of a struggle unlike anything humanity has ever known; a struggle between Light and Dark, between the highest Good and terrifying Evil few can truly comprehend. Revolution Q is fearless gonzo journalism on steroids, and Neon weaves a tale so startling as he tears at the roots of this great and hidden evil, one might be tempted to think this all lies firmly in the realm of fiction. But the truth, once known, can not be un-known. And by the end of it all, the reader will be as hungry and motivated for justice as Neon and the countless brilliant Anons who see Q for precisely what it is: the single greatest Military Intelligence operation of all time!

This is a brand new, trade size paperback book.  Softcover, 484 pages.

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