Star Trek Ascendancy : A Board Game from Gale Force Nine

Star Trek: Ascendancy

Ascend the final frontier as you take control of legendary races and fleets with unique perks and strategies. Navigate new space lane to traverse and build the game board to ensure each play through is different.


Explore new systems and develop peaceful resolution to expand your empire.


Overwhelm your enemies with martial might! Your factions pride is everything to you and thus would not see you run form a fight.


Develop your tech to keep your foes guessing. With advanced planning and cunning tactics at your fingertips, will your faction gain it foothold.

Game Play

Expand your control in any direction to create an original and immersive game board each and every time you play!


Discover ancient civilizations or make new contact with existing cultures. Each has its own rewards for your faction.

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  • 3+ Players
  • Free Forming Game Board
  • Game length varies based on starting distance from each other

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