Steps to Knowledge : The Book of Inner Knowing by Marshall Vian Summers - Paperback USED Textbook

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Our world is at the threshold of emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe around us. Therefore, a more universal understanding and perspective on relationships, spirituality and human advancement are needed at this time.

Steps to Knowledge along with New Knowledge Library's three other books contend with such works as A Course in Miracles as a complete self-study spiritual program. This book presents daily meditative practices that lead to an understanding "transcending human boundaries of perception, insight and comprehension." This understanding is described as a Greater Community Way of Knowledge. Summers has pioneered in the field of inner guidance and spiritual direction since 1975 and is the only teacher of the Greater Community Spirituality.

This work urges regular daily practice of study, consideration and contemplation. It is a well-thought out program to bring a person's life into balance through knowledge. Because of the emphasis on knowledge, the reader who approaches life through thought, mind, knowing and logic will be the one most served by this practical approach to personal and ultimately community spirituality...Nicely organized and handsomely designed, it also holds a sense of urgency for living an inspired life. --Foreword Magazine, May 1999

Steps to Knowledge was given to prepare those who will be the primary contributors during the next great period in human history, a period when humanity will begin to encounter intelligent races from beyond the world. This is the greatest threshold that we have ever faced. Yet we are unprepared. This has set the stage for a new spiritual understanding and teaching to be given to the world, for the Creator would not leave us alone and unprepared for our emergence into a Universe of intelligent life. Thus, a spiritual preparation of a very unique kind has been given which can enable men and women to gain the power, the compassion and the skill needed to serve a world in transition. 

Steps to Knowledge is divided into 365 steps, or lessons, and is designed to enable students to experience and apply their Spiritual Power, in the world. Steps to Knowledge sets out to accomplish this task in a step-by-step manner as students are introduced to the essential ideas and practices which make such an undertaking possible. Practicing every day provides a solid foundation of experience and develops the thinking, perception and self-motivation necessary for both worldly success and spiritual advancement. Steps to Knowledge was revealed to Marshall Vian Summers in the Spring of 1989. It was received over a fourteen-day period in a state of revelation.

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This is a used, oversized (7" x 10") paperback textbook in very good condition.  There is no writing, highlighting, underlining, or marks of any kind present anywhere.  Printed on heavy-weight, high quality paper.  Softcover, 528 pages, indexed.

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