The Calcium Bomb : The Nanobacteria Link to Heart Disease & Cancer by Douglas Mulhall & Katja Hansen - Hardcover

IF YOU HAVE HEART DISEASE, ARTHRITIS, or CANCER, you've probably got calcification—one of the most widespread harmful conditions in existence, and found with diseases like osteoporosis and Alzheimers. Doctors have long known that something in our body misuses calcium to make us sick; they just haven't known why, or how to treat it. Until now.

If you've never heard of calcification or don't know what it does, you'll find crucial answers in The Calcium Bomb, including medical science's recent discovery of a particle—a nanobacterium so small it challenges the very definition of life—that makes otherwise good calcium go bad, and which has also been discovered in other incurable diseases. Until recently scientists didn’t know that it existed or what it did. But now they are beginning to understand what it is… and how to treat it.

IF YOU'RE YOUNG AND HEALTHY, your own Calcium Bomb may already be ticking. The Leading Causes of Death list is intimately linked to calcification-associated illnesses like heart disease—and the U.S. Surgeon General estimates that getting rid of heart disease alone would increase the average lifespan by five years.

THE GOOD NEWS: Many patients are improving with new treatment aimed at heart disease calcification. Will it work for arthritis, injuries, and some cancers where the time bomb also lurks? In easy-to-understand terms, this book explores the hotly contested evidence.

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Compelling. Disarming. You've heard me say that only three or four times in the last five years. Affects everybody. Fascinating.—Reg Bryant, Host, In Pursuit of Truth, Philadelphia PA

Excellent…articulate…one of the biggest to hit the medical community in years.—Jeff Rense, nationally syndicated radio show host

May let millions avoid surgery, endless drugs, or unproven remedies for heart disease.—Nathan Callahan, Weekly Signals, KUCI Irvine CA

From the Publisher

ANNOTATION: Douglas Mulhall's previous book: Our Molecular Future (ISBN 1573929921) is cited in the B&N "Top Ten of Everything" list and praised as "must-read" by New Scientist.

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