The Cooperating Witness : A Novel by Barbara Laken - Hardcover Espionage

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Jamal Hassim is a respected Air Force major. Ahn, his brilliant Philippine wife, is a leading scientist at the Centers for Disease Control. For years they’ve operated a successful Islamic charity in partnership with the U.S. AID program. But when the NSA accidentally picks up a suspicious phone call, the true purpose behind their charitable work takes on a sinister and deadly cast. Are the Hassim’s using tax dollars to finance a devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil? Or are they well intentioned aid workers whose private words have been misunderstood? The FBI sends Conner Skilling, an experienced cooperating witness domiciled in East Asia to find out. On the remote South Pacific island of Vanuatu, Skilling uses his considerable skills as a retired con man to orchestrate a series of taped conversations in an effort to probe the Hassim’s motives. But is this taped evidence trustworthy, or just a ruse to deflect attention from a more dangerous plot? A series of spellbinding clues based on fact and fiction reveal a criminal conspiracy that includes an internationally famous businessman with a taste for danger, a phony sheik, hundreds of stolen surface to air missiles, pump and dump stock fraud on Wall Street, a rouge detective from Brooklyn, and a trail of betrayal and deceit that reaches into the uppermost sanctums of the Justice Department. Inspired by the true exploits of a financial criminal turned informant, this action-packed legal thriller takes readers on a wild ride through board rooms in Australia, plantations on forgotten Pacific isles and into a New York City courtroom in pursuit of the shocking truth.

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