The Pope's Assassin by Luis M. Rocha - Hardcover Fiction

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The best-kept secret of the Catholic Church...and a journalist who has made it her life -mission to discover the truth-at any cost. 

The night after he is elected to the Throne of St. Peter, Benedict XVI, like every Pope before him, is given an ancient document to read. Handed down only on his coronation, the document is the first thing a Pope reads when he is elected, and holds the Church's best-kept secret-one which it will preserve at all costs. But there may be other versions. A mysterious Gospel kept by an Israeli millionaire in London might hint at what the document contains. And there are rumours that the Dead Sea Scrolls, found by a Bedouin in 1947 might have been staged in order to obscure the shocking truth it reveals. Rafael, Vatican's shadowy priest/operative, is sent to investigate the stories of these other documents...and discovers evidence that may implicate his old friend Sarah Monteiiero, the British journalist who already knows too many of the Church's secrets. 

Will the world soon learn what revelations the Pope's secret document holds? Or will the Vatican manage to silence the rumors forever?

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This is a brand new, hardcover book.  Dustjacket included.  388 pages

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