Toxic Relationships : Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People by Luke Gregory - Paperback

Toxic Relationships : Strategies for Dealing with People That Are Difficult and How to Deal with Toxic Personalities and People In Life by Luke Gregory - Paperback Interpersonal Relations

Around you are very toxic people who will try to keep you down and hurt you. These people should be avoided right away---Do you think you can cope with toxic people?

Change the way you think and manage stressful situations with difficult people:

  • How to deal with self centered people, control freaks, disruptive, clingy, needy people, complainers, jealous, procrastinators, etc.
  • Introduction: Welcome to the Real World.
  • What exactly do you mean by “Toxic”?.
  • Kill ‘em with kindness.
  • Ignore toxic people and cheer them up.
  • How to: Pro-act Instead of React, Set Consequences, Have Good Personal Boundaries, Confront Behavior Safely, Get Away.
  • Learn how to say no and give them other options.
  • How to: Pick Your Battles, Put Humor Into It, Separate The Person From The Issue, Put The Spotlight On Them.
  • Do not fall for their tricks and when you spot one, run.
  • So much, much more information in this book.

Who this book is for:

  • People who have problems communicating with difficult people in their lives
  • Those who have gone through a difficult moment and were blocked at a time
  • Those who want to learn how to manage a difficult situation with toxic people
  • Those who want to learn more about the cause and effect of toxic people.

You’re about to discover how to deal with difficult people in your life. While the rest of this book will be covering specific situations and ways to deal with difficult people, there is one critical thing that must be included first, and that is your responsibility in any situation. Relationships with toxic people can be detrimental to your well-being, and you have to be proactive in ensuring that you know what to do if you ever were to meet one. The purpose of this book is to do more than just identify one of two types of difficult persons you can meet in the workplace. It also reveals the characteristics of these kinds of people along with providing you with valuable tips on what you can do to manage these unforeseen relationships.Life is one of the most precious gifts that we will ever come to own. How you choose to live it is entirely up to you; however, there is nothing wrong with getting a little bit of advice from time to time on what you can do to make the journey a tad bit easier. That is where this book comes in.

I am here to help you to manage something that everyone will deal with at some point in their life: difficult people. Before I can go any further, we have a few things that we have to get out of the way first. There are a lot of ways to define a difficult person for the simple fact that there are so many different types of difficult people out there. For simplicity's sake, we will begin by starting with a working definition that works for all of them. A difficult person is someone who has the potential to impact both you and your livelihood negatively. In other words, it’s a person that is utterly bad for you. The reason that a difficult person is so dangerous is that often they are not readily recognized as being very toxic. You could go days, months, or even years with associating with these type of toxic people and never even know how much damage that they are causing in your life. Luckily, this is where this book will be most helpful. To protect yourself from a toxic person, you have to be able to know one when you see one. There are always signs. It’s just a point of being able to identify them. Pull up a chair, because I’m quite sure that some of these descriptions will hit home for you.I'm sure my book will guide you through your life and your path.

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